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Daito have developed fuse for DC circuit since 20 years ago.
Making use of these know-how we are developing some type of fuse for EV/PHEV.


Telecommunication equipment

Fuse for telecommunication equipment is high reliability type that is supporting Japanese infrastructure since estsblishment of Daito.
These are used in PBX, base station for mobile phone, router, disaster prevension radio and many types equipment.


Robot for FA

Fuse for FA market is high reliability type that is continuously used in machine tool, electric discharge machine, injection molding machine, servo motor and many FA equipment.


Railway system

Fuse for railway system is used in master control, door for open and close, vibration control, signal equipment, ticket machine and ticket-vending machine that is needed viblation resistance and rush resistance.


LED light

We have some type of fuse lineups for road light, signal light, large display and light for advertising that is needed high density mounting , small size and high capatiy.


Printer / MFP

We have some type of printer/MFP fuse lineups for IH power supply unit and image processing board that is needed small and high capacity.


Medical equipment

We have some type of medical equipment fuse lineups for X-ray image processing equpment, blood analyzer and nursing bed that is needed varisou shpae, high voltage and current.


Home appliance

We have some type of home appliace fuse lineups for AV equipment as liquid crystal TV and white goods as air-conditioner that is needed varisou shpae, high voltage and current.

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